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6 Mekong Close, Maitama, Abuja
08090264444, 08164946066 | admin@straussprep.com
6 Mekong Close, Maitama, Abuja

EYFS French Immersion

The Early Years Foundation Stage also known as Les petit ecole Preparatoire Strauss

The EYFS division includes 5 classes:

Etape Section (E1), Children 3months – 12 months

Etape Section (E2), Children 13months – 23 months

Fondation Section (FS), children 24 months to 3 years old

Cours maternelle (CM1)Petite Section (PS),children aged 3-4 years old, full French Immersion.

Cours Maternelle (CM2)Moyenne Section (MS),children aged 4-5 years old, full French Immersion.

Les petit ecole Preparatoire Strauss pays the utmost attention to young children. Our teachers provide the foundation required for them to start on their journey of academic success, while taking care to be respectful of each child’s personality. This positive learning environment greatly facilitates early learning.

The classrooms are large and bright, allowing the teachers to pay individual attention to each child. The warm, friendly environment nurtures the confidence of small children, thus providing a solid beginning to their education.  All teachers in les petit ecole Preparatoire Strauss are native French speakers.  Each class has a minimum of 3 adults, the class teacher, an assistant teacher, and a care giver.

The students are carefully prepared in reading, handwriting and mathematical skills. The teachers stimulate the children’s awareness of all their senses so that, by the age of 6, the children are ready to explore and deepen their knowledge, are capable of clear communication and reading is a pleasurable activity. The children are also familiar with numbers, time, measuring and so forth.

In Science, the teachers explore a variety of live creatures and materials with the objective of stimulating the child’s curiosity.

The various classroom activities include a sandbox, toys, corners for role-play, books, games, puzzles and construction toys. These activities stimulate the children’s imagination and develop their knowledge of shapes and understanding of space. Moreover, they develop communication skills and the ability to work in groups.

PE classes are held twice a week. The nursery school programme also includes classes in rhythm, dance, music, art, drama and gross and fine motor skills.  All of these various activities work together towards the development and improvement of their spatial skills.  The social interaction and variety of games provide a complete educational base.

Parents are regularly updated through a journal and information relative to a specific child’s progress is obtained through timely contacts with the teachers. The programme is taught in French and in English. This allows non-Francophone and non-Anglophone children to acquire new language skills naturally. 

School Timetable

Les petit ecole Preparatoire Strauss is open from September to July following the British school year calendar.

  • Lunch is cooked and served on site between 12 pm and 12.30 pm.
  • Learners have half an hour of long break and 15 minutes of short break every day.

Early years after-school care

Apart from being a place where parents can drop off their children and are supervised, the After-school care offers a range of activities that will stimulate the children’s reasoning skills, gross and fine motor skills and bonding skills.

Children will be in an educative environment that is familiar to them. They will take part in structured or non-structured activities of their choice (such as games, crafts, reading, cinema, etc.), all supervised and guided by a member of the teaching staff.

Fees are payable in advance at the beginning of each term (September – December – March). Fees for clubs are non-refundable. A child may be admitted to the After-school care when the fee is paid in full. Full fee is charged, whether or not a student attended all sessions.