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6 Mekong Close, Maitama, Abuja
08090264444, 08164946066 | admin@straussprep.com
6 Mekong Close, Maitama, Abuja


We have four distinct process – Admission Procedures, Online Enquiry Form, Download Prospectus and Open Days

      Strauss Year Groups





0 -11 months



Etape 1

12 – 23 months



Etape 2

24 – 35 months

Nursery 1



36 – 47 months

Nursery 2


Cours Maternelle 1

48 – 59 months

Primary 1


Cours Maternelle 2

5 – 6 years

Primary 2

Year 1

Cours Préparatoire 1

6 – 7 years

Primary 3

Year 2

Cours Préparatoire 2

7 – 8 years 

Primary 4

Year 3

Cours Elémentaire 1

8 – 9 years

Primary 5

Year 4

Cours Elémentaire 2

9 – 10 years

Primary 6

Year 5

Exam Class 1

10 – 11 years

Primary 7

Year 6

Exam Class 2



Etape 1

Introduces the child to the French language. The focus is oral appreciation of the language. Through songs, dances, chants and stories, the children are made comfortable with hearing the French language

Etape 2

In this class, we transit from baby to toddler and begin to introduce some structure to learning in preparation of moving into formal nursery. At this stage, potty training is introduced and self-feeding. Pupils continue to be exposed to the French language through songs, dances and hands on activities. Classes are structured with activities that are designed to develop fine and gross motor skills.


This is the introduction to the early years’ foundation stage, where learners are introduced to literacy and numeracy, and begin to explore the world around them, continuing to progress in the French language.

Cours Maternelle

Pupils solidify understanding of the world around them. They begin to learn to read and write in preparation to access primary curriculum. At the end of this stage, children will be reading three letter words and have strong pencil control.

Cours Préparatoire

This is the foundation for primary years. Pupils are exposed to number work and explore the humanities through language, arts and creativity. Pupils are also introduced to working in the English language

Cours Elémentaire

Once a strong foundation has been established in the préparatoire level, pupils are introduced to higher order thinking in mathematics and the humanities, through exploration of a combination of languages. The use of English is solidified in this stage. It is expected that pupils have become comfortable in expressing themselves in both French and English language. The climax of élémentaire is the sitting of the DELF diploma.

Exam Class

The exam course is an intense course which focuses on ensuing that our pupils get to tier 1 colleges in the country. This course has a focus on the exam subjects; maths, English, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning, reaching a climax in the 1st term of year 6. Following exams, pupils refocus on the softer skills like humanities and the arts.

Children of all nationalities, religions and ethnicities are welcome at the Strauss Preparatory School from 3 months. Priority is given to siblings (current and former pupils), and former pupils. Applications are listed by date of their reception at the School. Parents should make sure that they can provide their child with the use of both languages at home (baby sitter, nanny, music or art classes…)

Registration procedure: Registrations are finalised from the July preceding the school year.

  1. To register your child return the registration form duly completed at:
    Strauss Preparatory School
            6   Mekong close off Mekong crescent
            Maitama, Abuja

     with a N10,000 registration fee.

  1. Families are contacted from August before the start of the school in September when a place is available. Once your child has been accepted, a non-refundable N100,000 acceptance fee will be asked on reception of our receipt to secure the place.
  2. Confirm your child’s place by paying the first term in advance by 7th September before the school year begins (after having acknowledged school’s internal rules).

Please note that an application form does not guarantee a place at school.

Applications forms are only accepted after birth.

Please note that, in case of last-minute cancellation, school fees already paid are not refundable.

Please note that due to too many requests, positions on the waiting list are no longer communicated.   

Terms and conditions

Please read these carefully before signing the Acceptance Form.

Please note that a full term’s written notice is required for the withdrawal of your child from Strauss Preparatory School or a term’s fees in lieu will be due. A term’s notice means notice given on or before the last day of term, in writing. Notices must be emailed, hand delivered or sent by recorded or guaranteed delivery post to Strauss Preparatory School, 6 Mekong close Maitama, Abuja, FCT. Fees are also payable if Strauss Preparatory School is closed for any event beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to, lack of essential services and pandemic.

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