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08090264444, 08164946066 | admin@straussprep.com
6 Mekong Close, Maitama, Abuja

The Strauss Diamond Standard


Laying the Foundation for Global Leadership

The Strauss Diamond Standard, is a dynamic framework of holistic learning that meets the changing needs of a growing child and his/her evolving personality. The Diamond Standard framework takes education beyond academics and prepares your child for a future that is yet to be imagined.


Our Diamond Standard framework recognizes that to be a successful global citizen in the 21st century your child requires not only on cognizance, but also creativity, entrepreneurship, and the ability to adapt.


The Diamond Standard Framework is an approach that is revolutionary in that it offers a suit of thematic activities that are balanced, age-appropriate, and adaptive and evolves with our pupils as they grow. Activities are designed to apply academic knowledge, creatively to solve problems. Pupils are taught to take ownership of projects, develop leadership skills and language mastery to express themselves.  Discipline, creativity, Language and personality development are emphasised in the early years, before shifting to academic achievement, leadership and entrepreneurial skills during the primary years.


As pupils progress through the robust Diamond Standard Framework, they continually discover themselves and expand their learning horizons. They become more confident and develop skills that form the foundation for a life-long love for learning and creativity which the pupils carry with them throughout their personal and professional lives.

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence forms the basis of this holistic model and is paramount throughout the learning journey of a child. In the initial years of growth, the focus is on developing universal values, discipline, creativity and personality development.

Our Diamond Standard academic excellence framework integrates best practices in pedagogy designed to optimize learning outcomes for every single child.

Collaborative, project-based learning and enquiry based learning facilitate knowledge building inside and outside the classroom through a variety of educational projects, experiential learning with technology as a key ingredient.

Excellence in Language Arts, French and English

The Diamond Standard framework for excellence recognises that Language Arts is a vital educational component that will help ensure a student’s successful future. It is a foundation for communication and lifelong learning and includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and visual representation. The art of language expressed, in French and English language, will open doors for our pupils globally, giving them a powerful  tool to communicate their thoughts.

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Creative Excellence: Visual and Performing Arts

Our Diamond Standard Creative philosophy is based on the belief that every child has talent, and that talent, can be nurtured to achieve success. The motto of our creative program is taken from the philosophy of Dr. Shiniki Suzuki as follows: Success is not talent, Success is talent plus 10,000.

Early exposure to visual and performing arts builds the confidence of pupils and helps then discover and express themselves in multi-sensory ways  thus fostering creativity and promoting overall learning

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Decision-making, critical thinking, effective communication and problem-solving abilities enable students to undertake responsibility and authority, be effective leaders and enhance their interpersonal skills. The Diamond Standard Leadership Lecture Series, Student Council, and the Diamond Standard Entrepreneurship Programme help students interact, engage and innovate at higher levels.